Steve W.
Haymarket, VA

I have a 1971 Corvette . I have learned the hard way to only bring my Corvette to this shop . I have payed mechanics to learn how to work on my car and still get it back not working correctly . That doesn’t happen at Corvette Motorsports. They do it right the first time . I have had major work done and minor here. No body knows mussel cars like Corvette Motorsports .

 James G.

Vienna, VA.

I took my ’59 to two different shops to get some work done.  None were able to help or diagnose the problem.  Joe not only took a look but was able to correctly solve the issues and keep me informed all the way.   He also fixed a few other items that were not correct on the car I was not even aware of.  The car drives amazing now.  Job well done!

 Lisa R.

Dumfries, VA.

Finding this shop was nothing short of divine intervention. My 93 Corvette’s temperature control has been inoperative for years.After three area “So Called” Corvette shops told me that my electronic A/C controls are not repairable, I called Joe at Corvette Motorsports.He said this is a common problem that they see all the time and he had an easy fix and needs the car for a couple hours. The next day I drove to his shop, waited less then two hours and it was operating perfectly.After being given quotes from other shops of well over $700, Joe’s charge of $200 made me a Corvette Motorsports’ customer for life.In my opinion, they are truly, the only “Corvette Specialist” in Northern Virginia!

 Bill E.

Chantilly, VA.

I’m new to the area and needed to find a qualified Corvette Repair shop for my 61..A friend turned me on to Joe at Corvette Motorsports and I’m so glad he did..He not only fixed my failing brakes, but was also able to track down a nagging electrical gremlin that none of the “Top” Corvette shops in California have been able to find for years..Kudos to Joe and his expertise at Corvette Motorsports…He is the best news for any Corvette owner!

Thanks again, Joe!

 Eric I.

Haymarket, VA

These guys are the best!! I took my C5 Corvette to Joe for some aggravating electrical problems… I tried the dealer who kept my car for two weeks and was unable to isolate or repair the problem…Not only was Joe familiar with the problem, but he knew what it was going to take to fix it right..It was a simple fix and I also had some upgrades done as well..I am VERY thankful for finding this shop and I totally recommend any Corvette owner that is interested in quality service, to check them out
Eric from Springfield